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Solve The Right Problem


Cloud-Sliver fundamentally changes the economics of IT.

Cloud-Sliver enables a Fortune 250 company to reduce its IT spend by HALF.

Cloud-Sliver implementations can materially impact the financial statements of public companies.

It is now possible to develop and deploy enterprise applications in a single business quarter at low cost -- in your data center or with cloud providers.

While reducing IT costs by HALF.

Let us show you how.

Shift The Art of The Possible


Cloud-Sliver is a new app development environment and distributed delivery platform. This platform enables our partner community to easily develop, deploy, and share a  new species of application:

  • In the cloud
  • In the data center
  • At the edge of the network

These applications provide web-based, real-time, integrated views of data from disparate data sources and business processes. They are developed & deployed quickly without the costs normally associated with data centers or cloud services.

Implement Cloud-Sliver and see how a Fortune 250 can cut IT costs by HALF.

Reduce Data Center & Cloud Cost

Eliminate Oracle & VMware

Apps Run

Times Faster

Delivered in

Business Quarter


Less Storage

Run at Network Edge

Join us and see how leading companies are deploying business transformational apps in a single quarter, utilizing all data in their legacy systems, including departmental data, 3rd party data, and even allowing their customers to include their own data.

  • In the cloud
  • In the data center
  • At the network edge

While reducing IT costs by HALF.

That's real digital transformation.