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What Is Cloud-Sliver?


Cloud-Sliver is a radically different, distributed database architecture. 

It was purpose-built to solve the following problems:

- Moving legacy apps to the cloud takes months and years

- When legacy apps get to the cloud, they run much the same as they did in a data center

- Moving legacy apps to the cloud requires the use of VMware, Oracle and other massively expensive Stone Age tools that limit the app speed and add to its complexity

- Existing relational, document and NoSQL databases cannot deliver transaction speeds to enable new business models

About Cloud-Sliver

Disruptive Cloud Benefits

You are moving your legacy apps to the cloud or you are rewriting them because you want disruptive BENEFITS:


– apps that run over one thousand times faster
– storage needs reduced 90% or more
– no need for VMware, Oracle or other expensive artifact software licenses
– new features added in minutes, not months
– full move to the cloud in 30 - 45 days, not years
– enablement of entirely new business models

The traditional way of moving an app to the cloud leaves these benefits behind.

Why go to the cloud if your apps run the same way they did in your data center?

Why go to the cloud if you still have to pay Oracle licenses? Or VMware licenses? Or other expensive legacy licenses? 

Oracle and VMware aren't going to run one thousand times faster, with less cost, in the cloud – so neither are you. 

You cannot run better/cheaper/faster than your infrastructure!

Legacy infrastructure, taken to the cloud, just drags legacy expense and constraints onto the cloud.

90 to 95% of a traditional Fortune 1,000 production app is there to deal with all the software artifacts in the typical data center — middleware, DBMS, DevOps tools, virtual machines, and scores of other software modules that do not add application-specific value.

The Cloud-Sliver architecture reimagines your apps, using only what is needed to actually deliver the business benefit – leaving everything else, think 90% or more of the original app – behind.

Even if the source code is missing or non-existent, Cloud-Sliver easily gets your app to a container based, microservice, on the cloud with ALL the cloud benefits.

We, and our growing partner network, build only what is needed for each app — from bare metal, through the DBMS, middleware, all the way to the GUI as a thin vertical “sliver” of code – a Cloud-Sliver.

A Cloud-Sliver is only a “sliver” of the size of what ran in your data center.  But it has 100% of the functionality that you actually use.

A Cloud-Sliver utilizes application-specific purpose-built databases and middleware that are generated by the Cloud-Sliver database compiler to create a hyper-optimized app.

You get the benefits of apps running over one thousand times faster.

Your apps can be modified in days, not months.

You move to the cloud in a month, maybe two, not years.

You leave your Stone Age software artifacts like VMware and Oracle, and their costly licenses, behind.

Join us here, and learn about our journey to the cloud, using Cloud-Sliver software “slivers”, and see the benefits our customers are receiving today.

We, and our partners deliver a 100% new app, all in micro services, fully containerized, running on AWS, Azure, your internal hybrid cloud, or any other cloud you choose. 

Or, behind your firewall on on-site servers.

Cloud Slivers -- let us show you how they enable you to get disruptive cloud benefits -- leaving software license artifacts behind.

Leave Stone Age Tools Behind


You cannot run faster than your infrastructure.  Leave your Stone Age tools, VMware, Oracle, middleware behind



Cloud-Slivers are the entire technology stack, from bare metal to the GUI, built for speed, agility and disruption

Our approach


Most enterprise-class applications are massively inefficient. It makes no sense to drag their inefficiencies, and expense, to the cloud, Amazon cloud or Azure in a cloud migration.

Many have no source code and have to be patched in binary.  Those who built the app are out of business or long gone.

Cloud-Sliver solves these legacy issues in a very modern way.

For many legacy apps in a Fortune 1,000 firm, business units use less than 1% of the app's features.

So why move the rest of it to the cloud?

Much of that 99% is there to deal with legacy databases, VMs, middleware, and other relics of the computer Stone Age.

We take data schemas, reports and a brief overview of the business requirements of the app and reimagine the app as a Cloud-Sliver app that runs in parallel with your legacy system.

Run in parallel for a week, a month or permanently. 

Use your Cloud-Sliver app as a Quality Assurance system that runs in parallel or choose to displace the legacy app and eliminate onerous Oracle and VMware licenses.

We build Cloud-Slivers that are highly efficient, small and fast, and bring you the disruptive benefits of cloud in every “sliver”.

We run thousands of times faster than traditional databases and do so on inexpensive commodity hardware.

You no longer have to be limited by legacy database models or their slow speeds and massive storage needs.

We support multiple data models, and our Cloud-Sliver stack selects the data model most efficient for your needs. 

That results in a storage savings of typically 90%.

As you unlock the potential of Cloud-Sliver performance, you unlock your company’s imagination to deliver new, digital products to your customers – in days, not years.

Shift the art of the possible with Cloud-Slivers.

CLOUD-SLIVER architecture


Cloud-Slivers enable you to take only the part of the application you use, with built-in data management, DevOps, and testing, so your app works as one, cohesive whole.

We spent years developing the underlying Cloud-Sliver technology to make this possible.

We did the really hard stuff to make building a Cloud-Sliver app, well, pretty simple.

Simple means truly simple. 

A Cloud-Sliver operates with 90% less source code than a traditional app and it runs over a thousand times faster than its legacy equivalent.

You cannot do that with “complicated.”

Your Cloud-Sliver app runs as a SaaS app on inexpensive commodity hardware. The advantage to you is a massively distributed application architecture with down-times measured in seconds per year.

You can put as much or as little of the app in the cloud as you choose, and on your premise, and in our partners’ data center(s), and our data center. All of the distributed pieces work together seamlessly.

Say goodbye to that onerous database vendor (you know who they are) who charges for every instance. Your Cloud-Slivers can run on as many parallel redundant systems as you like – with no additional fees.

There is no secret code, no black box. 

Your application is completely visible, and it is tested continuously, in real time, with every line item of output reconciled.

Cloud-Sliver apps are cloud ready on day one, in microservice containers, and get you out of the maintenance business and onto the cloud(s) of your choice – Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, our partners’ clouds, your hybrid cloud, our cloud or behind the firewall in your data center.

If you have a challenge to move your production apps to Amazon AWS or Azure, and it is going to take years, and you are dragging Oracle and VMware along, you may want to call us and let us show you how to move to any cloud in a month or two, without that legacy infrastructure costing you and slowing you down.


customer benefits

Cloud-Sliver Benefits

Life is really different when you can deliver an entirely new application in weeks.

Blinding speed -- we have shown repeatedly that our Cloud-Sliver apps run well over a thousand times faster than their legacy equivalents.

Cloud-Sliver performance matters!

If you want to run multiple versions of the Cloud-Sliver app in parallel, you can do so without any additional licensing or service fees.

Need a hot backup site?  Well, no need for another data center and endless VMs.  Just fire up a few inexpensive commodity Unix servers (think Intel NUCs) and you have done it.

Cloud-Sliver cost reduction matters!

Expensive hardware, VMs, databases, electricity, DevOps licenses, armies of consultants to modify an app – are mostly gone when you move to Cloud-Slivers.

Application maintenance?  We test every application, every day, with 100% test coverage.  Gives a new meaning to software testing. We do testing beyond "automated." We moved the needle to "continuous 100% coverage testing".

Need new features? 

We or our development partners add customer requested enhancements in days, not years.

Disruptive cloud business models -- you cannot get there by just moving old legacy apps and their legacy infrastructure to the cloud. 

You must reimagine your apps -- and we are here to reimagine them with you as Cloud-Sliver.


best fit application areas

Best Fit Problems for Cloud-Sliver


While we quickly transform just about any I/O intensive app, billing systems are always a huge payoff for our customers.

Customers do not want to change billing systems – or not quickly.  We get it.  So we build a PARALLEL, quality assurance Cloud-Sliver app so our customers can get all the benefits of a Cloud-Sliver billing system with zero risk.

Run the system in parallel for a day, a week, or months. 

Keep it as your QA system checking every line item on every bill to make sure your valuable customers are never incorrectly billed.  Over time, if you choose, you can then displace the legacy system and its infrastructure costs.

You can perform modeling of new billing rate structures to see the impact across your entire customer base – instantly. 

Forecasts that took days and weeks now take seconds.

Add those features your business users want from the billing system but cannot get from your current system.  Add those features in days,  not years.

You can get your billing system to the cloud, AWS, Azure or one of our partners’ clouds in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional technology – without any cross-compiling source code or rewriting every line of the bloated legacy app.  

For the first time, you will be able to check and cross check every line item of every bill, in real time, before it goes to the customer.

And if you want to run your Cloud-Sliver billing app behind your firewall, you can do that as well.


Some of our largest customers have aging COBOL or other mainframe technology where the person who built the system is retired.  Or the company who built it went out of business.  Or they acquired multiple companies and no longer have access to those who built critical systems.

Cloud-Sliver does NOT need the source code.  We reimagine your production app using input and output schemata, and reports and a 2 page narrative and get the system up and running in 30 -60 days.  All new source code, fully documented, running on our cloud, AWS, Azure or in your data center.


A frequent use of Cloud-Sliver technology is to make an existing system run in the time available to it. 

Sometimes this is a billing system, or a financial forecasting system.

You need to run it in seconds or minutes, not hours and days.

Cloud-Slivers deliver massive, disruptive speed. 

We have customers who have taken processes that consume an entire corporate data center, running for days, move to a Cloud-Sliver and now run in minutes.

If you are SLA challenged, let us show you what a Cloud-Sliver can do for you.


Cloud-Slivers mean never having to do migrations again.

Cloud-Slivers mean no source cross compilation, translation or conversion.

Some customers have old apps, with no source code, the vendor long out of business. Yet the app is critical to their business. 

They have to patch these in binary. They rely on these applications and if they go down, big compliance problems follow. 

Cloud-Sliver apps do not need any of the old code to build a better system, with all the functionality your business needs.

If you want to take your application portfolio and move it to a cloud, microservice, container-based technology, Cloud-Sliver apps get you there in a month or two.

Most I/O intensive, database apps easily move to a Cloud-Sliver quickly and for a fraction of the cost of traditional rewrites.  And unlike rewrites, you do not take the 99% of the Stone Age artifacts to the cloud where they only slow you down.

Cloud-Sliver technology does not take years – we deliver your reimagined database apps, in cloud-ready states – quickly.


What good is digital transformation of your business if it takes years?

Cloud-Sliver technology enables new business models. 

Free your business users from the constraints of traditional IT technology – free them to imagine how they can disrupt their industry – then deliver the Cloud-Sliver app in a matter of weeks to let them deliver that disruption.

Entirely new apps, with digital services enabled by our massive processing speed (over a thousand times faster than commercial DBMS) can be delivered in weeks.

What kind of services can you offer when you can process 200 million transactions per second on inexpensive commodity hardware?


Cloud-Sliver technology means you do not need traditional large data centers, massive compute capabilities, or large energy grids.

Consider what your application costs would be if you did not have to pay for the massive hardware needed today? 

And if you did not need all those expensive DevOps tools.  And the costs of database software licenses and VMs?

Welcome to Cloud-Sliver technology. 

Shift the art of the possible.


how our customers win


Full Coverage Continuous Testing

Most DevOps tools are just not fast enough for the disruptive benefits of the cloud.

Today, there is automated testing and continuous testing.  These artifacts still maintain DevOps as separate from the app building process.

We go to the next quantum level – we deliver, with our partners Full Coverage, Continuous Testing – as part of the app itself.

We test every app, daily, every line item, in real time with integrated DevOps tools in every Cloud-Sliver application.

We have taken testing to a new level that cannot be achieved with any other technology we know.

Massive Processing Speed

Large scale, repeatable IT applications often take hours, or days, or even weeks to run, in massive data centers.

Cloud-Sliver technology eliminates these constraints. 

A Cloud-Sliver application can take apps that run in hours or even days in fully equipped data centers and run them in minutes on inexpensive commodity hardware.

Need a hot backup site? Just fire up additional instances of your Cloud-Sliver apps at no additional charge.

Think of the new digital apps you can deliver!

Accelerate Artificial Intelligence

AI technology can be difficult to integrate into legacy apps. 

We enable reimagined Cloud-Sliver apps to use AI to a much greater potential.

By exchanging meta-information with AI-systems, our apps can seamlessly incorporate the capabilities of modern AI tools and frameworks to enable enhanced experienced.

Eliminate Your Data Center

We do not know any reason why real-world business applications need dedicated data centers.

If there are reasons, we have yet to see them with any of our customer deployments.  

Let us show you how Cloud-Slivers can reimagine your enterprise class app portfolio.

Azure, AWS or Any Cloud

Run your SaaS apps in the cloud after we make them microservice, container-based using Cloud-Sliver technology.

You cannot get to the cloud any faster than using Cloud-Sliver technology.

Your legacy apps, or new apps, can be delivered in weeks, not months, and be run on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, our partner clouds, your dedicated cloud or our cloud.

On PREM or Behind Your Firewall

Some customers want the benefits of our Cloud-Slivers – blinding speed, almost no hardware costs, enhancements in days, elimination of Oracle and VMware licenses.

Cloud-Slivers run behind corporate data center firewalls as well as they run in the cloud.

Just another way for customers to use their Cloud-Slivers and gain the benefits not available with traditional technology.

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