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Solve The Right Problem - With EDGE


Cloud-Sliver's EDGE technology fundamentally changes the economics of IT.

Cloud-Sliver eliminates the need for data centers - on premise or in the cloud - and enables the development and deployment of enterprise applications in a single business quarter.

Let us show you the DIFFERENCE between true EDGE technology and simply computing at the EDGE.

Shift The Art of The Possible


Cloud-Sliver is a new edge computing app development environment and distributed delivery platform. This platform enables our partner community to easily develop, deploy, and share a  new species of application:

  • In the cloud
  • In the data center
  • At the edge of the network
  • Beginning the migration away from data centers

These applications provide web-based, real-time, integrated views of data from disparate data sources and business processes.

Eliminate Data Centers

Eliminate Oracle & VMware

Apps Run

Times Faster

Delivered in

Business Quarter


Less Storage

Run at Network Edge

Cloud-Sliver cuts IT costs in half by:

Reducing software licensing costs – Cloud-Sliver does not use Oracle, VMware, or any other expensive software components.

Reducing hardware costs – Cloud-Sliver makes efficient use of hardware and radically reduces the number of servers for enterprise applications.

Reducing cloud costs – Cloud-Sliver applications use inexpensive “bare metal” Unix instances. No expensive “value add” cloud service layers are required which dramatically reduces cloud hosting costs.

Reducing DevOps costs - Cloud-Sliver applications can be developed in a single business quarter with small software teams. Cloud-Sliver applications are simple to configure and can be operated by much smaller teams than traditional applications.

Eliminating data centers - Cloud Sliver's edge computing technology eliminates the need for data centers - on premise or in the cloud.


That's real digital transformation.