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Augment & Transform With A Parallel System

How do you transform your billing app?

There are very limited choices.  You can rebuild it with a multi-million dollar, multi-year, high risk gamble -- or you can keep it running with hope, prayers and expensive resources.

All the while, typical billing systems have a 1-4% error rate - but you do not know which bills are wrong. It could be your largest customer.  It could be the local government.  A wrong bill is a customer service nightmare for everyone.

Frequently there are actually half-a-dozen or more billing applications cobbled together through corporate acquisitions and mergers.

The real "gotcha" is change. The days of static pricing and rate structures that stay the same for years is long gone. Today's business requirement is a billing capability that handles continuously changing prices, rate structures, promotions, and customization for individual customers.

Managing your billing system(s) in a dynamic, changing business environment is hard, it is expensive, and it produces more errors than anyone wants to admit.

A Transformative Approach

Cloud-Sliver provides a safe and efficient path to transform ancient billing system with no business disruption.

Cloud-Sliver has helped partners deploy a new species of app for billing system augmentation.

This app runs in parallel, with your existing billing system. Nothing changes for your existing system-of-record.

Cloud-Sliver's parallel billing system reconciles EVERY line item on every bill to make sure the bills are 100% accurate.

If two billing systems, written with different technologies, both come up with the same amount for a customer's bill, the odds of the bill being wrong are vanishingly small.

Out goes that 1-4% error rate.  Away go those customer service problems.

The parallel billing app provides a real time customer portal where customers can interact with information that impacts their bills instantly. They can do "what if" analysis and receive notifications and alarms.

You now have a billing system that is an asset for deepening your customer relationships, not a liability.

You can run the parallel billing system for a month, a year or forever.  Or, after you are comfortable that it is 100% accurate, you can remove the original billing system and save 50% or more of your IT costs.