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Utility Forecasting App Comparison

Tame Complexity With EDGE Computing


Migrating applications to “the cloud” offloads problems to someone else (which you pay them for) — but it does not fundamentally change app performance.

Apps generally run pretty much the same in the cloud as they do in a data center.

This customer was struggling to migrate a very complex, expensive enterprise application to the cloud where it would continue to be very complex and expensive.


Cloud-Sliver EDGE Solution

The Cloud-Sliver EDGE version of this app runs on a $ 2,000 Intel NUC and is simple to operate.

The Cloud-Sliver app can just as easily run in any cloud provider’s environment.

If the customer chooses to run the app in the cloud, AWS, Azure or other cloud, something interesting happens.

Because Cloud-Sliver’s EDGE app only needs the bare bones UNIX instance, the cloud customer saves 50% – 95% of their cloud cost.

Welcome to EDGE computing, not COMPUTING AT THE EDGE.