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Capital Markets App Comparison

Eliminate App Time Constraints – With EDGE


Running in a data center, for one of the largest companies in the world, this legacy application takes over 10 hours to run.

This application must run inside an 11 hour window so that the company can take appropriate positions in the capital markets each morning,

The legacy app is so large it cannot analyze every customer’s position, it can only evaluate statistical data samples and estimate an aggregate result from those samples.

The legacy app was running up against the 11 hour time limit and could not handle additional customers or positions.


Cloud-Sliver Applies EDGE Technology

The Cloud-Sliver EDGE app calculates each individual customer’s position and builds a correct (not an estimated) aggregate result.

The Cloud-Sliver app runs in less than 1 minute (versus 10 hours) and can be run multiple times during the day as conditions change.

It does NOT require a data center.  In fact, it runs on a Raspberry Pi costing less than $50.

Now when the company has to place its bets in the capital markets, it does so with far greater precision and speed.

Without a data center, theirs or the cloud.