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Telco Provisioning App Comparison

Run “In The Cloud” If You Want — But Do So Inexpensively


Migrating applications to “the cloud,” firms are learning, is not transformative.

In fact, little changes, particularly the costs.

Rather than paying for one’s own data center, the company pays the cloud provider.


Cloud-Sliver EDGE Dramatically Cuts Cloud Hosting Costs

Cloud-Sliver EDGE technology eliminates the need for any of the cloud vendor value added services.

After all, how much value did they provide if they did not make the app run 1,000 times faster?

Cloud-Sliver EDGE technology requires only the least expensive cloud resources – a bare metal UNIX instance.

The result:  apps run 1,000 times faster.  They use 90% less storage, and save corporate resources.

So if someone wants to go to the cloud, FINALLY, some transformation is possible!