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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Cloud-Sliver?

Cloud-Sliver is an edge computing software company operating in the United States and dealing with Fortune 500 sized firms who need to digitally transform their businesses while reducing their IT budgets by HALF.


What business problems do you solve?

Cloud-Sliver enables our customers to:

Change The Economics Of Computing – Cloud-Sliver eliminates legacy software platform costs such as Oracle or VMware.

Cloud-Sliver makes efficient use of hardware resources so that data center and cloud provider costs are dramatically reduced.

Cloud-Sliver eliminates the need for data centers in on premise on in the cloud.

Cloud-Sliver can cut IT costs in HALF.

Incorporate All Data – Cloud-Sliver apps integrate data from disparate sources inside and outside an organization to provide a unified 360-degree view of customers.

Develop & Deploy Quickly – Cloud-Sliver apps can be developed and deployed in a single business quarter with business unit or department level Javascript programmer resources.

Be Available Everywhere – Cloud-Sliver apps continuously absorb data from all sources and make it available in real-time to mobile devices.

Be Secure – Cloud-Sliver apps use a distributed microsegmented data architecture coupled with public/private key crypto-infrastructure. The massive large-scale data breaches that make the evening news are a physical and mathematical impossibility.


How long have Cloud-Sliver production applications (App-Slivers) been running?

The Cloud-Sliver technology has been in production use for over 5 years at large, well-known companies.


What industries have App-Slivers been built for?

Utilities (electric, water, gas),  telecommunications, social media, government, and manufacturing.


What Is the “best fit” application scenario?

The Cloud-Sliver architecture is optimized for applications associated with repetitive business process.

This is about 90% of most corporate applications today.

Examples of such applications are: billing, provisioning, forecasting, variance detection, logistics, personnel etc. The common characteristics of these apps are the need to process large volumes of data at periodic intervals with repeatable processes or calculations.

Can we speak or meet with existing Cloud-Sliver customers?



What is Cloud-Sliver’s licensing model?

We license per endpoint. An endpoint is a customer, a vehicle, a phone, or whatever the app is interacting with.

We charge one price, $X per endpoint per year. Period. No other line items or extras. No charges for test systems, or backup sites, or other additional copies of the system.

No charges if you want that app replicated in dozens, or thousands, or millions of locations.

We work with you during the evaluation phase to determine app endpoints.

We invoice yearly or monthly, whichever is most convenient for you.


How does Cloud-Sliver handle updates & maintenance?

We do not charge for updates or maintenance.

All new features, enhancements, tools, that are available to one Cloud-Sliver customer are immediately available to all customers.


What skills do I need in order to develop App-Slivers?

General Javascript programming experience. It is helpful if you have knowledge of server-side (Node.js) and client-side (jQuery and similar tools).


How secure is Cloud-Sliver?

Cloud-Sliver uses a distributed microsegmented data security architecture coupled with distributed public/private key crypto-infrastructure. This approach provides two benefits:

  • It meets all of the security standards for high security applications such as financial transaction processing, and
  • It means, that in the unlikely event of a security breach, only the specific microsegmented data payload is compromised.

The massive large-scale data breaches that makes the evening news are a physical and mathematical impossibility.


How large a database can Cloud-Sliver handle?

The theoretical record limit for Cloud-Sliver is 2 to the 64th power to the 64th power which we are told is more than all the atoms that exist in the universe, but since we have not counted them, we are not sure.

But it is certainly larger than any app we know of in the commercial world.