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EDGE Computing vs. Computing At The EDGE

Edge Computing vs. Computing At The Edge

True EDGE computing is massively different from computing at the EDGE.

EDGE computing means a totally different technology stack.  No VMware, Oracle, middleware or other expensive intermediary software.

EDGE computing, with a new tech stack, purpose-built for the new kinds of apps it supports (and the legacy apps it transforms) = different OUTCOMES!

Apps are built, from conception to production in a single quarter.

Apps run 1,000 to a million times faster.

Transaction speeds approach 200 MILLION transactions per second.

Entirely new business models are possible.

Current hardware vendors are trying to sell the world on putting mini-data centers at the EDGE.

These are slow, expensive and not in any way transformative.

Learn the difference between EDGE computing and computing at the EDGE.

Check out these OUTCOMES!