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Edge Computing

You don't need data center

You do not need data centers any more

Adding Massive Computational Power at the Edge — Without Massive Hardware

A new family of applications is emerging where the cloud will no longer be able to collect, process and analyze the massive amounts of data from high performance IoT devices and the exploding amounts of data coming from digital devices.

Current hardware providers are delivering “computing at the edge.”

This is nothing more that delivering micro data centers, with all their limitations, costs and problems to remote locations.

True EDGE computing addresses a different set of application needs.

In these apps, there is a need to process and analyze data locally, not send it to the cloud, with long latencies, for resolution.

Edge computing enables faster app processing where there is not time to access central compute resources.  These applications are now in their ascendancy.

By 2020, it is estimated the average person will generate 1.5GB of data every day.  Applications requiring instant analysis on a digital device like a phone will be commonplace.

Edge computing is the enabling of the connected world.

We are headed into a data-heavy future where processing at scale will need an infrastructure that does not need to send data to a central processing hub, like the cloud.

Edge computing offers:

  • Faster analysis
  • Lower compute costs
  • Lower network traffic
  • Better application efficiency
  • Security-sensitive information does not need to pass through the networks
  • Elimination of data centers on premise or in the cloud

Significantly, if a central cloud goes down, a network of distributed devices gives users the ability to continue their work with no interruption.

Cloud-Sliver has delivered a transformational edge technology enabling the largest, most compute-intensive apps to run on an edge device like a Raspberry Pi or, even your phone.

Edge computing requires copies of hundreds, perhaps thousands of copies of Cloud-Sliver to deliver these apps, at scale, on an edge device.

We have been using this EDGE COMPUTING technology, in full production for 5 years.