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If you are trying to digitally transform your business by migrating your legacy apps to the cloud without fundamentally transforming them - you are wasting your time, money, and resources.

It is now possible to develop and deploy enterprise applications in a single business quarter at low cost - eliminating your data centers in the process.

It is now possible to cut your IT costs in half.

Let us show you how.

True Transformation Demands A New Species of Application - An "App-Sliver"

True transformation means dramatic improvements to the business.

Eliminate your data centers - on premise or in the cloud

  • Today's hardware is immensely powerful. You carry a super-computer in your pocket in the form of you smartphone. You don't need a large data center, or massive cloud deployment, to do "real work".
  • The largest compute resource on the planet is the collective storage and compute resources at the edge of the network. It dwarfs your data center and the data centers of your cloud providers.
  • Cloud-Sliver edge computing technology means you don't need data centers any more - on premise or in the cloud.
  • Cloud-Sliver enables a Fortune 250 company to reduce its IT costs by half.

Eliminate software platform costs

  • You are paying database and virtual machine software license fees today because you don't think you have a choice.
  • Distributed processing at the network edge using commodity hardware & operating systems gives you a choice.

Incorporate all data

  • Some of your most valuable data is in business unit and departmental spreadsheets, files, and desktop databases.
  • Holistic customer views require incorporating data from public or 3rd party data sources outside the enterprise.
  • Intimate customer views require data from the customers themselves.
  • All of these data sources, in addition to data from your legacy systems-of-record need to be integrated and continuously updated in real-time.
  • Distributed ETL (extract, transform, load) at each data source makes this easy.

Develop & deploy quickly

  • Apps have to be developed and deployed in a single business quarter. Business competition changes too quickly for anything slower.
  • An inversion-of-control distributed processing architecture with embedded GUI widgets makes developing and deploying sophisticated enterprise-scale applications a task measured in days - not months and years.

Up-to-date real-time customer views

  • Continuously absorb all data across the enterprise in multiple formats, from existing enterprise-level apps to broad data sources maintained independently by business units.
  • Continuous ETL (extract, transform, load) at each data source coupled with real-time distributed processing innately provides this.

Accessed from anywhere

  • App functionality must be accessible from the desktop or mobile device - from anything and anywhere that has web access.
  • Distributed process with embedded web services makes this a natural, intuitive way to develop and deploy apps.


  • Apps use a distributed microsegmented data security architecture coupled with distributed public/private key crypto-infrastructure.
  • In the unlikely event of a security breach, only the specific microsegmented data payload is compromised.
  • The massive large-scale data breaches that make the evening news become a physical and mathematical impossibility.

A New Species Of App Requires A New Delivery Platform - A "Cloud-Sliver"

Just a sliver

  • A Cloud-Sliver contains just the necessary essence, a sliver, of the massive software infrastructure resident in the cloud and enterprise scale applications.

Runs in the cloud, your data center, or at the network edge - eliminating data centers

  • A Cloud-Sliver instance manages storage and compute resources at a granular scale.
  • A Cloud-Sliver runs on hardware at the network edge or the minimal instance of the cloud.
  • A Cloud-Sliver runs on mobile devices, network hardware, desktop PCs, departmental workstations, and conventional servers in your data center and in the cloud.
  • If the hardware has a processor, some storage, and a network connection -- it can be a Cloud-Sliver resource.
  • Cloud-Sliver enables you to migrate OUT OF DATA CENTERS, reducing your energy footprint.

Distributed processing & storage

  • Cloud-Sliver is a distributed development and delivery software platform.
  • It enables an enterprise application and its databases to be split into dozens, hundreds, thousands, or millions of loosely-coupled distributed processing and storage resources.
  • Decentralized, distributed management of these resources so they behave as a coherent whole is an innate capability of each Cloud-Sliver instance.

Development community

  • Cloud-Slivers utilize distributed libraries of features and content for industry specific or use-case specific applications.
  • Business unit and department level resources that understand Javascript programming can contribute to, and make use of, these community libraries to develop and deliver enterprise scale applications in a single business quarter.


A New Competitive Landscape

Companies who grasp this future place competitors at a massive disadvantage by delivering entirely new business capabilities within a single quarter, utilizing just a few Javascript programmers.

Companies who can reduce their IT spend by half have resources to invest in new, revenue-generating apps.

A new species of app emerges:  the customer-centric, customer engaged, distributed real time digital app, running at the network edge, accessed from mobile devices - NOW.

Shift The Art of the Possible