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New Delivery Platform



A New Species Of App Requires A New Delivery Platform – A “Cloud-Sliver”

Just a sliver

  • A Cloud-Sliver contains just the necessary essence, a sliver, of the massive software infrastructure resident in the cloud and enterprise scale applications.

Runs at network edge

  • A Cloud-Sliver instance manages storage and compute resources at a granular scale.
  • A Cloud-Sliver runs on hardware at the network edge. It runs on smartphones and other mobile devices, network hardware, desktop PCs, departmental workstations, eliminating the need for conventional data centers.
  • If the hardware has a processor, some storage, and a network connection — it can be a Cloud-Sliver resource.
  • Cloud-Sliver edge technology eliminates the need for on premise data centers or cloud data centers.  Cloud-Sliver apps enable customers to TRANSFORM and eliminate DATA CENTER costs, simultaneously.
  • Every Cloud-Sliver can talk to any other app-sliver, ending the days of “islands of information” that cannot communicate.

Distributed processing & storage

  • Cloud-Sliver is a distributed development and delivery software platform.
  • It enables an enterprise application and its databases to be split into dozens, hundreds, thousands, or millions of loosely-coupled distributed processing and storage resources.
  • Decentralized, distributed management of these resources so they behave as a coherent whole is an innate capability of each Cloud-Sliver instance.

Development community

  • Cloud-Slivers utilize distributed libraries of features and content for industry specific or use-case specific applications.
  • Business unit and department level resources that understand Javascript programming can contribute to, and make use of, these community libraries to develop and deliver enterprise scale applications in a single business quarter.