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FAKE Transformation is brought to you by vendors who have not transformed themselves

Fake digital transformation is all the rage today.

Vendors not digitally transformed themselves are selling their current, legacy software as "digitally transformative."

Oracle and VMware are not transformative.

That is the stuff of the legacy age companies are trying to leave.

If you want to transform digitally you need a clear definition of what your future can be.

You do not have to accept our definition, but you should at least pay attention to it.

Because it matters.

Digital transformation means a NEW SPECIES OF APP.  Period

If there is no new species of app, nothing has been transformed.

That is what "trans" "form" means.

Something must change form or you are doing a FAKE transformation that will never get your company to a competitive advantage.

Stop letting the legacy vendors sell you that moving to Oracle in the cloud is somehow transformative -- or that "lift-and-shift" is anything other than just moving your legacy problems to another data center.

Demand a new species of app, utilizing all your important enterprise data, using 90% less storage, built by department personnel, delivered in a single business quarter, accessible from customer's mobile devices.

Eliminate the cost and pain of centralized data centers.  Leave your data centers behind.


Fake Transformation Test

Want to see if you are being offered real or fake transformation?

Ask your vendor:

Will this app run 1,000 times faster?

Will it use 90% less storage?

Will it access any database in any legacy system, plus departmental data and 3rd party data?

Will it be delivered in one business quarter?

Will it be built by departmental-level personnel?

Will I be able to migrate AWAY FROM DATA CENTERS?


And then ask some EDGE COMPUTING questions:

Will this app run at the network edge without a data center?

Can it run without expensive database or virtual machine licenses?

Can its capabilities be continuously updated and extended while it is running?


Cloud-Sliver Delivers App-Transformation Now

Next generation applications require network edge delivery and we have built a financial model where you never pay for a VMware license or an Oracle license.

You don't even pay for an additional Cloud-Sliver license.

Run one Cloud-Sliver instance or millions.  Same price.

Do not let pricing inhibit your transformation.

Cloud Migration VS Business