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Real Digital Transformation

Real Digital Transformation Transforms More Than Apps

Cloud-Sliver believes the product of digital transformation is more than just making apps run 1,000 times faster with 90% less storage.

When apps run this much faster, and each distributed piece runs anywhere since both the app and its database fragments are small, and the apps capabilities are accessible in real-time from any mobile device — everything changes.

Your business changes.

Your opportunities change.  You are no longer constrained by the legacy IT world and it’s costs.

When you ELIMINATE DATA CENTERS, you become more agile and flexible.  Apps exist where the customer is, not where a data center was located.

The distributed processing and storage available at the network edge is so far in excess of today’s business requirements, that it is essentially unlimited. You just need the tools to utilize it.

Cloud-Sliver is a catalyst for growing your business where the only limiting factor is your imagination.


Real Digital Transformation Changes Your Business

Because apps are delivered in a single business quarter, businesses act now to capture markets.

There is no longer a need for large data centers running massive server farms, dramatically reducing the cost of running your business.

Real transformation cuts your IT budget by HALF.

30 year old legacy billing systems can be rendered “nimble” delivering real-time data to a customer’s mobile device and avoiding the massive rewrite costs for billing systems.

Expensive, hard-to-find skills for VMware, Oracle, specialized security systems, and ancient legacy code are not needed.

DevOps moves from agile to continuous – where the app itself has built in testing capabilities.

You can not have true transformation without a new species of app.

Let us show you how your legacy systems can be augmented and transformed with a new species of app.

Cloud-Sliver enables you to reduce IT costs by HALF.  Those resources can go into building new, revenue generating apps.


Real Digital Transformation Checklist