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A new technology exists that enables Fortune 250 firms to cut their IT costs in half.

This technology is Cloud-Sliver.

  • It is a distributed processing application development & delivery platform.

  • It enables enterprise applications to be developed & deployed quickly and use significantly less hardware, software, and personnel resources.


Cloud-Sliver cuts IT costs in half by:

  • Reducing software licensing costs – Cloud-Sliver does not use Oracle, VMware, or any other expensive software components.
  • Reducing hardware costs – Cloud-Sliver makes efficient use of hardware and radically reduces the number of servers for enterprise applications.
  • Reducing cloud costs – Cloud-Sliver applications use inexpensive “bare metal” Unix instances. No expensive “value add” cloud service layers are required which dramatically reduces cloud hosting costs.
  • Reducing DevOps costs - Cloud-Sliver applications can be developed in a single business quarter with small software teams. Cloud-Sliver applications are simple to configure and can be operated by much smaller teams than traditional applications.
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