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Business Insights

Every technology company goes through a business discovery process with its customers to determine where it best addresses customer needs and what its natural place is in the technology ecosystem.

Our discovery process has shown that Cloud-Sliver best addresses these needs:

Change The Economics Of Computing - Cloud-Sliver eliminates legacy software platform costs such as Oracle or VMware. Cloud-Sliver makes efficient use of hardware resources so that data center and cloud provider costs are dramatically reduced.  Cloud-Sliver can cut IT costs in HALF.

Eliminate All Data Centers - With Cloud-Sliver edge computing, there is no need for a data center on premise or in the cloud.

Incorporate All Data - Cloud-Sliver apps integrate data from disparate sources inside & outside an organization to provide a unified 360-degree view of your customers.

Develop & Deploy Quickly - Cloud-Sliver apps can be developed & deployed in a single business quarter with your business unit or department level Javascript programmer resources.

Available Everywhere - Cloud-Sliver apps continuously absorb data from all your sources and make it available in real-time to mobile devices.

Secure - Cloud-Sliver apps use a distributed microsegmented data architecture coupled with public/private key crypto-infrastructure. The massive large-scale data breaches that make the evening news are a physical and mathematical impossibility.

Technical Insights

Every technology company goes through a technical discovery process with its customer to determine what are the key insights that guide technology development and focus.

Our discovery process yielded these observations:

It Doesn't Have To Be So Hard - Enterprise app size and complexity is due to the fact that they are built from a forest of large complicated software modules & tools that are not optimized for the specific app being built.

App System Design Matters - Apps don't struggle because of their technical components, they struggle because of how their components are put together.

Silicon Is Faster Than You Know - You don't realize how fast silicon is because most of the time it is in an I/O wait state. Even the little smart phone in your pocket can be an amazing server if you utilize it correctly.

Abstraction "Impedance Mismatches" Cost A Factor Of 1,000,000 - Crossing abstractions boundaries in enterprise applications imposes on the order of 10 I/O wait states for each useful instruction cycle. There are generally 7 such abstraction boundary in a large application. These apps run 10^7 = 1,000,000 slower than the hardware's capabilities.

Database Products Solve The Wrong Problem - Database products solve the problem of how to store arbitrary data so that arbitrary users can perform arbitrary operations. However, your specific app knows precisely what data it needs to store, how the data should be organized, and what specific operations need to be performed on the data. It's not arbitrary, and it's known a priori.

Most Corporate Applications Are Repetitive - Your core business processes (by definition) are repetitive in nature. The apps that support them execute core tasks over, and over, and over...

Most Application Code Isn't Used - Most code in enterprise apps is seldom used. It exists for features your don't really use or to deal with and general purpose infrastructures like Oracle, VMware and other technologies that are not needed for application-specific solutions.

Breaking A System Into Digestible Bites Means Familiar Tools Can Be Used - Enterprise apps are overwhelming, in part, because their data sets are large. Breaking the data sets into pieces that can easily be loaded into & out of spreadsheets and other tools that users are familiar with makes a huge impact on your user's ability to understand and analyze the system.

Your Largest IT Resource Is Overlooked - The largest compute resource on the planet is the collective storage & compute resources at the edge of the network. It dwarfs your data center and the data centers of your cloud providers.

You Don't Need A Data Center Anymore - Cloud-Sliver edge computing technology eliminates the need for a data center on premise or in the cloud.  There is simply not a corporate application that requires a data center anymore.