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Why We Are Different

Change The Economics Of Computing - Cloud-Sliver eliminates legacy software platform costs such as Oracle or VMware. Cloud-Sliver makes efficient use of hardware resources so that data center and cloud provider costs are dramatically reduced.  Cloud-Sliver can cut IT costs by half.

Incorporate All Data - Cloud-Sliver apps integrate data from disparate sources inside and outside an organization to provide a unified 360-degree view of customers.

Develop & Deploy Quickly - Cloud-Sliver apps can be developed and deployed in a single business quarter with business unit or department level Javascript programmer resources.

Available Everywhere - Cloud-Sliver apps continuously absorb data from all sources and make it available in real-time to mobile devices.

Secure - Cloud-Sliver apps use a distributed microsegmented data architecture coupled with public/private key crypto-infrastructure. The massive large-scale data breaches that make the evening news are a physical and mathematical impossibility.


A New Species of App

Cloud-Sliver believes this new species of app will become a standard for digital transformation.