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Cloud-Sliver Architecture


App-Slivers are the software equivalents of app specific integrated circuits



The Cloud-Sliver distributed processing platform supports the development and deployment of application “App-Slivers” that plug into the platform.

Rather than build applications on top of a general-purpose database, and general-purpose middleware, and general-purpose DevOps frameworks, etc. – the Cloud-Sliver architecture enables you to build application specific “software ASICs” (application specific integrated circuits).

These ASICs are instances of the Cloud-Sliver platform that have been optimized for a particular use case or application class. This enables each application (App-Sliver) that plugs into these Cloud-Sliver platforms to be very focused, very small, and very fast.

A traditional approach looks like this:

In the traditional approach, an application is assembled from a large number of general-purpose software modules and tools.

The Cloud-Sliver approach looks like this:

These Cloud-Sliver instances are thin vertical software stacks that are a small fraction of the size and complexity of the general-purpose collection of traditional software modules. The visual appearance of these software stacks is what inspired the name “Cloud-Sliver” — a small integrated sliver of exactly the software infrastructure that is required to support an app — and nothing more

The benefit to this approach is that it enables the actual applications (App-Slivers) to also be small and simple which means:

  • Rapid, low cost, application development
  • Extremely high performance
  • Simplified DevOps
  • Small resource requirements means they can run anywhere at the network edge
  • No need for expensive Oracle, VMware, etc. since all required database functionality baked into each Cloud-Sliver
  • No need for expensive Cloud services since distributed processing and management is baked into each Cloud-Sliver